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Deep pockets


It is no exaggeration to say that snooker remains one of the most popular sports across the globe. The game, unsurprisingly, boasts a host of conspicuous literary and intellectual figures amongst its followers: Stephen Fry, Martin Amis, Julian Barnes, and Richard Osman, to name just a few. But what is it exactly that draws people in time and time again? Clive James once called snooker ‘chess with balls’, and it is a fertile comparison – snooker is a sport that celebrates subtlety, slowness, and mystery. It teems with nuances and depths; abundantly rewards serious contemplation. Discussing everything from truth, loss, luck and more, this book illustrates just how much one game of snooker can offer us.

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‘A brilliant book . . . brilliantly written. You really do need to read it’ Adrian Chiles

‘Mixing the sacred and the profane, high culture and low culture, the sublime and the ridiculous, Deep Pockets is the book this game of unfathomable difficulty and infinite mystery well deserves’ Critic

The game of snooker has a remarkable history. From humble origins, it blossomed spectacularly in the 1980s into the nation’s most popular sport. Top players became celebrities. The papers were stuffed with snooker scandals. It even conquered the pop charts.

In the twenty-first century, the game is still big news. Along with millions of British fans, a vast audience continues to grow across every corner of the world, from Europe to the Middle East to China. The global thirst for snooker has never been greater.

But – strangely perhaps – snooker’s deeper meanings have rarely been explored. It is a game that celebrates subtlety and mystery; a slow undertaking in a fast-paced world. Elegant and profound, snooker invites serious contemplation.

Deep Pockets is a study of this uncharted territory – a love letter to snooker, and an impassioned journey into its soul. Because snooker, in fact, is more than a game. It is a belief set; a way of seeing; an entire philosophical system. In chapters that cover everything from time, truth, loss, luck and more, Deep Pockets explores how snooker can help us to trace the meaning of life itself.

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